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05 February 2007 @ 08:32 pm
The Strange Questions Survey
Have you ever licked the back of a CD to try to get it to work?:Lmao, yes- Yay! I'm a retard.
What's the largest age difference between yourself and someone you’ve date:5 years!
Ever been in a car wreck?:No, thankfully.
Were you popular in high school?:Nope I was the victim of bullying.
Have you ever been on a blind date?:Nah.
Are looks important?:Nope, I like personailitys!
Do you have any friends that you've known for 10 years or more??:Hmm, Katie
By what age would you like to be married?:Before I'm 50.
Does the number of people a person's slept with affect your view of them?:Not really. I mean it'd depend on how they act. If they bragged about it, then obviously it'd affect my views.
Have you ever made a mistake?:I've made a couple.
Are you a good tipper?:I give them chewing gum!
What's the most you have spent for a haircut?:£25! bargain!
Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?:Yes, he looked like Hugh Grant.
Have you ever peed in public?:Errm no.
What song do you want played at your funeral?:YMCA!
Would you tell your parents if you were gay?:Well.. yeah.
What would your last meal be before getting executed?:CAKE!
Beatles or Stones?:Beatles
If you had to pick one person on earth to die, who?:Tommy Chalk :)
Beer, wine or hard liquor?:Beer.
Do you have any phobias?:I have so many, its just not funny.
What are your plans for the future?:**shrug**
Do you walk around the house naked?:erm, no.
If you were an animal what would you be?:I'd be a monkey :) [hahaha]
Hair color you like on someone you're dating?:Fair..
Would you rather be blind or deaf?:Blind
Do you have any special talents?:Nope.
What do you do as soon as you walk in the house?:Come upstairs
Do you like horror or comedy?:Comedy
Are you missing anyone?:Nope.
If you weren't straight, what person of the same sex would you do?:Sandra Bullock
Where do you want to live when you are old?:In a brothel!
Who is the person you can count on the most?:Hmm. **Shrug**
If you could date any celebrity past or present, who would it be?:TIM CURRY!
What did you dream last night?:I didnt have a dream last night
What is your favorite sport to watch?:Pool/snooker, Tennis, some football and darts..
Are you named after anyone?:Nope
What is your favorite alcoholic drink?:Vodka
Non alcoholic drink?:Orange juice
Have you ever been in love?:Nooo
Do you sing in the shower?:Not usually, no.
Have you ever been arrested?:Nope
What is your favorite Holiday?:Christmas.
Would you ever get plastic surgery?:Nope
Have you ever caught a fish?:Yesh! :D:D
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Bzoink - The Original Survey Site
05 February 2007 @ 04:35 am
~Deep Questions That Make You Think~Mostly Original~81 Questions
Nickname:Leannie, SpackerCake, Miff, Annie and Buggerface
Best memory:My little brothers being born.
Worst memory:my uncle dying
Best dream:The one about Curryfest
Worst nightmare:My nana dancing on her coffin.
Weaknesses:Cake and Bullies
Strengths:Being funny
Anyone have the same birthday as you?:Freddie Prince Jnr
Would you...
die for a friend?:Course
die for your crush/bf/gf?:Probably not.
die for your family?:Course
ever kill yourself?:No.
Kill someone else?:Depends what they did.
If you had to choose- save your cat or save your enemy?:Enemy..
rather freeze or burn to death?:Burn to death
admit you love someone?:Yeah.
break the law or lie to save a friend?:Lie to save a friend.
Have you ever...
cut yourself?:Yeah :[
been in love?:Nope
thought about suicide?:I have..
hated someone so much you thought you would really kill them?:Lol. No.
starved yourself?:Kinda..
forced yourself to cry?:No, why would I do that..
forced yourself to throw up?:Hmmm.
betrayed a friend?:Nope
hurt someone else so you would feel better about yourself?:Nope!
Which is worse?
your friend dying or your parent dying:My parent..
losing all your old memories or never being able to make new ones:never being able to make new ones
being rejected by someone you love or having your feelings returned only...:Being rejected by someone I love
to be dumped a month later:....
being raped or willingly having sex and later regretting it:Willingly having sex and regretting it. WTF. Love to meet the person that said raped.
having no emotions or only being happy once every couple of months:Neither
losing all your friends on earth or never having found God:Never having found god.
being dumped or dumping someone:Dumping someone
falling in love with an anime character or falling in love with a celebrity:Celebrity... duh.
a friend moving away or losing touch with a friend who lives right near you:Losing touch with a friend who lives near me..
What is your dream in life?:Not sure really
Do you have insomnia?:Yeah.
Do you often wake up in the middle of the night after a bad dream?:Sometimes
Do you get deja vu?:Almost constantly.
Did you ever have a dream that came true?:Yes actually, was weird.
What about a nightmare?:No - thank fuck.
Did you ever have a realistic dream that truly scared you?:Yes lol. T'was weird.
Do you daydream?:All the time.
Have you ever dreamed you were falling?:No
Greatest fears:Bullies & Tim Curry.. [hes everso scary!]
What are you not afraid of at all?:Ties!
Name a weird phobia you have.:Timaphobic - *shudders*
Has your fear ever come true?:Nah
Is your fear a common fear?:Absolutely!
Any particular reason for the fear?:Nope
Does it ever control your life?:All the time! 'Bake me a cake!' 'No!' 'Nooow!'
Have you had nightmares about the fear?:Yes.
Are you more afraid of rejection or failure?:Both.
The Past
Most missed memory:The one where everyone was my friend.
How have your feelings changed throughout your life?:They've changed dramatically.
First memory:I remember me telling my mum when I was 7 that princess diana had died...
Happiest childhood memory:Getting felt tips for xmas! Woo!
Saddest childhood memory:My uncle dying :[
What was your first word?:Tim. I actually dunno lol.
First friend?:Katie
First crush?:Ben Cook
First love?:Ben Cook
What would you do if...
your best friend died because of you?:Cry.. forever...
your true love moved out of the country?:I'd get over it.
your friend gave you the choice of cheating on the really tough math final?:I'd say no! then grass on them.
a friend offered you drugs or alcohol?:I'd say yes to alcohol no to drugs..
a friend of the same gender told you they were gay and asked you out?:Seeing as I'm straight I'd have to say no
your bf/gf asked you to have sex with them?:Lol I'd let them. Oh how polite that they asked. Did they ask like 'May I stick this *points* in there *points*' haha.
you were sexually abused?:I'd be sad.
you were betrayed by someone you trusted and cared about?:Thats already happened. We don't talk anymore.
you found out your friend wanted to die?:I'd go to wherever they were and just look after them.
Final Thoughts
Are you saved?:Am I saved, huh?
Do you believe in God?:Nope
Why or why not?:I just don't.
Are you depressed or sad all the time?:I'm sad quite alot.
What are you hoping for in the future?:*shrug*
What makes you happy?:Stephanie makes me happy very much so indeed. CAKE!
What makes you sad?:Tim Curry - he always makes me bake.
Do you believe in the Bible?:Its made of Battenburg!
Why or why not?:Coz it is..
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05 February 2007 @ 01:46 am

30 January 2007 @ 11:55 pm
Finish the Sentence:
My favorite place to be is::In bed
I am::Awesome
I love::To make people laugh
I am afraid of::Spiders, bullies, and being a failure at everything
I wish::I always had the right change...
I would like to ban::Cake, forever. Just to see Tim Currys face.
I am annoyed by::Liars and untrustworthy people that are supposedly my friends.
My favorite song is::Secret Garden - Bruce Springsteen
I am most vulnerable::When it comes to friends
I am happiest when::I'm with the Paul gang.
My best trait is::My imagination - I just laugh at everything that I think of.
I can always be counted on to::Lie about Timmah.
Everyone thinks that I am::A tad obsessive
They think this because::I dont shut up about these things/people ever.
I'd like to meet::Dawn French
Life is::Swell
Love is::Nice
Marriage is for::Awesome people
Fast food is::Yummy for my tummy!
Let's go::Salsa dancing!
Just get it::sorted, it looks like its been run over.
Sex is for::dirtay people.
Sex is best::when your dressed. Humpety hump.
I am most healthy when I::Sit still!
Generally, I::talk about this fat bloke called Tim Curry, in a very mean manner.
My worst habit is::Not liking myself
I am known to be::A right sodding weirdo
My weakness is::Buggery :D
I am hungry for::Cakeeee
I'd be very happy if::I didnt have a maths exam today..
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29 January 2007 @ 05:30 am
Big Fat Gay! (and no I'm not talking about tim) Why haven't I slept, huh? huuuh? I hate it! I want to sleep now and I have to be in an hour anyway. I dont know why I havent I wasnt on this all night, I was just sat. Doing nothing and I laid in bed for a bit *trying* to sleep but no luck. I wouldnt like my insomnia right now as I have a sexual maths exam on wednesday that I would quite like to do well in, even though Sue told me on Wednesday I'd fail and have to re sit it in the summer. Nice. I havent even done the fucker yet, but she knows I'm gonna fail. My isnt she clever.

I'm just gonna fail everything, and not get on the performing arts course and be a bum for the rest of my life. *gets sad* I wish I could just go on the course without 3 D's.

Yesterday was a bit shit. I didnt like it that much. For many a'reason. It was Sunday, it was boring and I noticed that all I ever do is sit on a computer all day. Meh. I didnt even wake up til half 1 so I missed the start of Paul on the radio, but luckily I'd set the radio to Radio 2 the night before (coz I was smart).

Anyway I'm gonna fuck off now and just stay awake till I come home later on, I'll probably end up not going :( and when I dont go I feel like a lazy shit. I AM a lazy shit :( .

Right I am going. Bye.

The hills are alivvve...#
I Feel...: crappycrappy
27 January 2007 @ 12:55 am
The Completely Random, and I do mean random, Survey!!!
What did you have for breakfast?:I didnt have breakfast :[
What type of soap do you use in the shower?:Dove
Did you wear perfume today? What kind?:I wore charlie PINK!
Who was the last person that IMd you?:Stephanieee
What did you talk about?:Me delivering Papers in My own UNIQUE Tim voice.
What channel is your tv on right now?:Its not even on
What was the last movie you watched?:Stuck On You
What did you have for lunch?:I didnt have that either =oO
What are you currently wearing?:PJ's with SNOOPY on!
What's your computer wallpaper?:I think its Tim...
How is your hair styled right now?:Its in a sort of side parting/ bed head style
When was the last time you had any alcohol?:Thursday
Wha's the most expensive item you bought for yourself with your own money?:There isnt anything expensive coz I never have my own money for expensive things
What's the weather like outside?:Its a bit cold
Do you use face cream? What kind?:I dont have face cream, no
How about shampoo? Brand?:Sunsilk
Who do you hate the most right now?:The cat (I dont own a cat, shit)
What did you have for dinner? You knew it was coming.:Pizza! I ate it all. :)
Go to church often?:Do I fuck!
Do you wear makeup every day? What brand?:I never wear it.
What did you dream last night?:I remember it having Steph in, lol.
What was the last thing you bought?:A Dress thingy
What movie are you most excited to see?:That new 'un. Yeah you know it. Its gone um thingy in it.
What book are you reading right now?:I'm not reading any book
Do you believe in ghosts?:OF COURSE! Have you not seen 'Casper'?
How about god?:He currently lives in LA..
Do you swear a lot?:Fucking no
What do you notice first about the opposite sex?:I go.. 'oooh look a man' then I realise 'Ooo its a man' and just carry on doing whatever..
What song are you listening to right now?:Its a pretty good tune called 'Hummeth' by 'Leannies Laptop'
What is your favorite lyric from that song?:'Huuuum Hummmm'
Grab the first book you see, what's the first sentence on page 147?:'Not that I know of' I say.
So what book is it from? Did you read it?:Its from 'Notting Hell' and no I havent read it yet.
What sheets do you have on your bed?:Very bed sheety ones.
How many pillows?:2
What tv show would you most like to be on?:Dr Who!
If you could time travel, what year would you go to?:1812, for no apparent reason.
Pick one favorite tv show?:POG show
Who's your favorite character from that show? Why?:Well obviously its the organ! haha hes such a hoot!
Do you own an ipod? If so what's your most played song?:I dont own an Ipod
What's your keychain like?:Its shiny, nuff said.
If you stretch out your left arm what does it touch?:A Mobile phone
What time did you get up this morning?:7 - I wasnt impressed.
Any plans for the weekend?:Sleeping
What planet would you most like to visit?:I've been to all of them!!
What's the last song you sang aloud to?:Tomorrow By Annie
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26 January 2007 @ 10:42 pm
bored ? do this survey. its awesome !
your basics --<3
what's your name ?:Leannie
your birthday is...:SOON!
favorite color ?:Green
single; taken; not sure; or complicated situation ?:Single
the random stuff--<3
what day is it ?:Its Friday
have you ever made up a saying; quote; or word ?:Yes I have
if yes; what was it ?:'spaz' *shrug* lol.
do you like to dance ?:Not with people looking, lol.
truth or dare ?:Truth
are you close with your parents ?:My mum
what school do you go to ?:I go to Lincoln College
if you picked truth in question 9; confess who your most secret crush is.:Its... BANANAMAN! =o
if you picked dare; who is ur last ex ? anything u want to say to them ?:...
about the opposite sex--<3
do u prefer blondes; redheads; or brunettes ?:Brunettes
blue; green; hazel; or brown eyes ?:Any
taller than you; shorter than you; or about your height ?:Taller! I dont think thier are lads shorter then me.
do you prefer hookups or relationships ?:Relationships
which is more important; looks or personality ?:Personaility
do you like or love someone right now ?:You Betcha!
do you have the balls to say who ?:Basil Brush! Mmmmm. My secret lover 'Boom Boom'
what style do you usually go for ?:The bushy tailed style..
do you prefer players or faithful people ?:Faithful
have you ever been in love ?:Nope
with who ?:I said NOPE..
more random q's--<3
do you have a valentine ?:No =[
do you have more than one best friend ?:I have 2 best friends__ aint I the shit! lol.
who ?:Not telling ya.
do you have a job ?:In March I will have..
how tall are you ?:5ft 2..
are you happy with who you are ?:Yeah I think so..
are you camera-happy ?:Sometimes
have you ever gotten a manicure ?:Nope, but I'd like one..
is your hair dyed or natural ?:Dyed but natural hair is showing through now..
curly; wavy; or straight ?:Its kinda straight and wavy.. [that makes no sense, lol]
this or that --<3
sesame street or barney ?:Sesame Street, Barney freaks me out..
caillou or dora the explorer ?:DORA! backpack, backpack..#
chocolate ice cream or vanilla ice cream ?:Chocolate all the way!
mexican food or italian food ?:Italian..
cell phone or house phone ?:Cell phone
internet or television ?:T'internet
red or green ?:Green
silver or gold ?:Silver
google or yahoo ?:Google
beach babe or snow bunny ?:Beach, snow fucks me off. lol.
flip flops or sneakers ?:Sneakers
complete the sentence--<3
i am...:wearing a hula skirt
i like...:tim to wear the hula skirt
i hate...:when he refuses to wear the hula skirt
today i'm going to...:sleep in my hula skirt
school is...:not allowing hula skirts
parties are...:a place for hula skirts
i miss...:my vintage hula skirt
i wish...:i had a shiny hula skirt
you're probably...:fed up of hearing about hula skirts..
about you --<3
do you like your body ?:Nope its shit
if you could change anything about yourself; would you ?:Most definitely
what would you change ?:All of it.. the whole package..
do you get alot of attention from the opposite sex ?:No
if you could be reallysmart or completely gorgeous which would you choose ?:probably really smart, I'm a thicko
has anyone that you didnt know tell you that you're beautiful ?:Nope
have you ever had a secret admirer ?:How would I know if thier secret? duh.
are you on any teams or squads at your school ?:Nope.
who is your hero ?:BANANAMAN!
do you consider yourself a good person ?:Yeah, other people might disagree
is round the clock diner really the shit ?:Never been there..
how old was the oldest person who ever hit on you ?:109, sexy!
what song describes your last relationship ?:Nobody Knows - Pink
what's your screename ?:'There Was A Giraffe In My Loft, I Didn't Invite It...' [its an amazing sooong]
what's your favorite kind of pizza ?:Olives and Anchovies.
have you ever said the word "hardcore" ?:Yeah..
are you a gangster ?:You know it!
what's your favorite kind of ice cream ?:Rum 'n' Raisin
what are you wearing ?:Clothes
where do you usually shop ?:All over..
who's the last person you talked to online ?:Sukey
in person ?:Oliver
which is better: myspace or facebook ?:Both Awesome
have you ever had to get clothes custom made for you ?:When we did victorian days at primary school, yep!
would you ever dye your hair purple ?:FUCK YES!
do you have any siblings ?:I have 2
what's their names ?:Oliver and Stephen
are you still bored ?:Very.
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Bzoink - The Original Survey Site
Okay, so I'm innocently searching for bread recipes (my brother needs them, all god damn american) and I just had to scroll down and find this

Cake Doughnuts

'I got the recipe for these yummy traditional treats from a camp cook who has prepared them for years..'

I read it wrong, the camp I was thinking isnt what they meant, they meant someone that sleeps in a tent. lol. But me being a weirdo, (as you all know) thought 'haha 'Camp' cook! thats got Tim written all over it' Psh.

I need to stop it. I really do.

*Goes to look for English Bread Recipes*
20 January 2007 @ 12:34 pm
Random Question Survey (100 Q)
What time is it right now?:Its 11:50am and I haven't eaten!
Where are you right now?:In my bedroom
Where do you wish you were right now?:In the presence of food, coz I'm fucking starving. lol.
What was the last building you were in besides the one you are in right now:The Abbey Building at college
Is your room a mess right now?:Its a mess but I can live in it/ walk in it. So its fine!
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?:I'm thinking LA or London
how many of the 50 states have you visited?:None of them.
How many other countries have you visited?:I've never been out of England :[
Do you enjoy going to school?:Its college, and I love it! so much!
Have you ever been given any nicknames?:Yes, Spackercake.. long story..
Are you a morning peron or night peron?:I'm a night perSon.
What is your favorite season?:Spring
What is your favorite holiday?:Christmas
What day of the week is it right now?:Its Saturday
What day of the week do you wish it was right now?:I wish it was Friday
How old are you?:16
How old do you wish you were?:Dunno really... in my 30's...
Would you rather go to a movie theatre, or watch a movie at home?:I like going to the cinema..
What do you eat when you go to the movies?:I ate cadbury melts last time I went...God I'm hungry..
What was the last movie you saw?:Superman Returns
What is your favorite movie?:Rocky Horror
What is your favorite flavor ice cream?:Rum 'n' Raisin
What is your favorite beverage?:Alcoholic its Cider Non Alcoholic its Pepsi
What is your favorite TV show?:Dr Who/ Paul O'Grady
What is the last thing you saw on TV?:Ugly Betty
How many channels does your TV get?:Less then the woman I met at BBC studios had! :[
What kind of computer are you using right now?:Its a Hi - Grade
What web browser are you using right now?:Wanadoo/ Orange
Are you on AIM right now?:Yeah
in conversation do you say:Do I say what? that I'm on AIM right now? in an AIM conversation? No, I'm not a retard.
What is the longest you've ever gone without going online?:2 months.
What websites do you visit the most?:Curryfest, Myspace and Livejournal
What is your favorite school subject?:COLLEGE: Psychology
Would you ever consider becoming a teacher?:Nah
Is there such thing as good cafeteria food?:Yes, and I've tasted it (quit with the food talk you bastard)
Are you a superstitious peron?:Yeah, I won't walk on 3 drains, I wont cross on the stairs and I dont put shoes on the table. lol.
Have you ever believed an object gave you luck?:Nah
Have you ever won a contest?:Nope :[
What is your dream job?:Anything that involves David, Tim or Paul...
Do you have any golas? What?:To get 3 D's in my GCSE's lol.
What is one thing you do that other people find annoying?:Just give birth to kittens randomly in the middle of anywhere..
What do other people do that you find annoying?:I hate when scousers whisper, lol.
How often do you brush your teeth?:Daily
How often do you shower?:Daily
When was the last time you cleaned your ears?:Dont remember lol
When was the last time you clipped your fingernails/toenails?:Other day
When was the last time you got a haircut?:Few weeks ago
Are you happy with your appearance?:Its shit.
Have you ever gone on a serious diet?:No
What is the most money you have ever spent in one day?:£200 years ago!
How long was the longest phone conversation you've ever had?:It was with Martin and it lasted 4hrs!
can you swim?:Nope :[
can you drive?:Nope :[
can you do a cartwheel?:In a Leannie fashion.
can you roll your tounge?:Yep :]
can you crack your knuckles?:Yep :]
are you double-jointed?:Nope :[
have you ever tried to set a record?:Nope :[
can you sing well?:Nope :[
can you dance?:Nope :[
in highschool you were (will be) most likeley to...:Not be there, lol.
Do you like to watch horror movie?:Not really.
Have you ever wanted to kill someone?:Nope
When is the maddest you have ever been?:Really dont remember..
When is the happiest you have ever been?:I'm always at my happiest.
Describe your most embarassing moment.:*shrug*
have you ever posted a video of yourself on the internet?:Yes :]
what is your favorite cereal?:Cookie crisp!
is you write a book about your life, what would it be called?:Leaping Lizards!
Are/have you ever been addicted to anything?:I'm addiced to many things
have you ever laughed so hard you cried?:OMG yes
laughed so hard you peed yourself?:No
Have you ever met anyone famous?:Tim Curry, Paul O'Grady..
What is your favorite color?:Green
What is your favorite animal?:I like monkeys
Do yu have an idol/hero?:Dawn French
Do you enjoy:Enjoy what?
what is your favorite board game?:Monopoly
what is in your fridge right now?:Food.
have you ever been to disney land/world?:Nope :[
what was the last sentence to come out of your mouth?:I was telling our house phone to shut the fuck up because it kept beeping
Who was the last realtive you saw?:My mum
Who was the last friend you saw?:Becky
What time do you usually go to be on a school night?:Half 11/ 12
What time do you have to wake up on a school day?:I have to wake up at half 6 :[
What time do you usually go to bed on a weekend/summer night?:It varies
How late do you usually sleep on a weekend/summer day?:Till about 11am
What was the best gift you have ever recieved?:Can't remember but when I was little I got a colouring book and pens for xmas off someone and like LOVED them
what was the most special gift you have ever given?:I'm sure there is something..
What is your favorite restaurant?:I like chicago rock cafe!
What is your favorite store?:*shrug*
What is your favorite clothing brand?:New Look t-shirts and Levi jeans
what is your favorite flavor/type of gum?:Peppermint
Are you a good liar?:Not really, I give myself away.. lol.
What was the biggest lie you've ever told?:Can't remember
are you a religious person?:Nope :]
Do you mind having pictures taken of you?:Sometimes..
Are you an introverted or extroverted person?:extroverted
What are your views on Myspace?:I find it annoying that my pauls myspace has more friends then me! :[
What time is it now?:12:33 and I've eaten!
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19 January 2007 @ 10:58 am
Yesterday I got a letter saying that my application form had been noted for the Performing arts course, except it didn't say performing arts it said 'care and creative' lol. So I got the book out and had a look and was like 'OMG - they've put me in for childcare. Shiiit' So I had a mild spaz attack. But then my mum came home on her lunch break and double checked and said 'No Leanne, Care and Creative is a whole section you silly sod' and I calmed down. Lol.

Today I got another letter telling me about my audition/interview. Its 3 days before my birthday, how dare it be. It looks pretty scary and I dont think I'll get in coz I need an ROA, a certificate or some form of award and I have none of them. lol. Although the rest looks pretty scary too!

*Participate in pratical workshops: Dance, Singing and acting. (thats not too bad)
*Prepare a song, monologue or dance solo that lasts 2-3 minutes (Ooo hot piss!)

Then I have an interview. Eep. So as you can see I'm pretty much spazzing. I don't think I'll get in. I'll probably just have to leave after this year with shit GCSE's.. that make me get into nothing.


I have to deliver my newspapers now.
Love x
I Feel...: sadLow In Self Esteem